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12 february 2019
Towage of m/v «Grand Light»


The tug of Donmar Ltd has successfully completed a towage of vessel in distress in Black Sea. Less than 12 hours passed since receipt of the message from m/v “Grand Light” operator, that the vessel with crew of 10 people and cargo of ferroalloy is in distress till t/b “Diamond N” reached her. The towing line was connected in storm conditions of the open sea. The following route of 400 n.m. was completed by m/v “Diamond N” with a towed object without any difficulties. Bosporus channel passage has always been a subject for special approval for Turkish government, and despite of the tight deadline, everything went without delay. The caravan arrived to destination port of Diliskelesi on 12.02.2019. Donmar Ltd in one of the few companies in the region who always keeps its tugboats on a standby and is able to provide a quick mobilization, as the time criterion is decisive during the emergency situations.